Yesterday, Come Closer
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A place of refuge, FÁBRICA is an evolving multifunctional space that serves a communal search for intimate experiences, honest exchanges, and globally-minded creative collaboration. FÁBRICA is a vessel for art, food, and music initiatives that touch all the senses, nurture original ideas, and connect us. Born in México City, we’re located in a neighborhood closer to the traditional quotidian identity of the city, a space that draws curiosity and invokes a place of refuge. 

FÁBRICA by day provides pop-up coffee service by local purveyors, a chill workspace, rents the photo studio with darkroom, and our GALERÍA transcends the sterile “white-cube” by welcoming artists, collectors, and visitors with a sense of openness and familiarity approaching art as a fresh lived experience.

FÁBRICA by night features LA SALA listening lounge for live performances, vinyl sets, film screenings, and dinner activations featuring guest chefs who play with traditional and radical foodways. We search for mezcal, coffee, and ingredients that embody our curiosity for connecting with the land and artisans who work with it.