Cuerpos by DAGO
August 6 - August 27

"Cuerpos" is a declaration of love for ceramics.

The first individual exhibition of Dago González (Mexico City, 1985) portrays the refuge that this Afro-Mexican potter finds in the wheel, as a personal space for reflection, catharsis, self-recognition and healing. He speaks of the body, black, peripheral, as he speaks of ceramics: an encounter between experiences, wounds, imperfections and possible new constructions.

“Cuerpos” is the culmination of a 10-year investigation into the limits of unconventional glazes and pastes, mixing black sand from the Iztaccihuatl volcano or the Barra de Coyuca lagoon (Guerrero). It is also a process that will last a lifetime, of ceramics as a rescue against imposed destinies, of the body as a tool for internal and systemic questioning.